A few days before the apocalypse, a lonely young woman has a revelation: she has been wrongly trying to fit in on Earth, as she is actually a sea creature. With this in mind, she urges to abandon her mundane notions of life and builds a deep connection with fishes. In her dealings with the underwater organisms, she is surprised by their innate understanding about the experience of being raised as a feminine being.

Peixe Vivo / Living Fish has taken part at the 2023 Brooklyn Film Festival, 2023 Concordia Film Festival (Spotlight award), 2023 Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival, 2022 Paris Lift-Off Film Festival, 2022 Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris,
2023 ARFF Berlin // International Awards and 2022  INQRVENTION.

Peixe Vivo / Living Fish (2022)
35mm stills, 16mm and digital video
cast: Anna Dória
sound recordist: Renan Decaro