An employee of God takes a break from heaven’s bureaucracy and spends some time on Earth. Through the eyes of an angel, the mundane realms can be more mesmerizing than the rigidity within a perfect (and repetitive) paradise.

eternidade em loop / eternity on a loop has taken part at  the 2021 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, 2022 Brooklyn Film Festival, 2022 Atlanta Film Festival, 2022 Fisura, International Festival of Experimental Film & Video, 2022 Aesthetica Film Festival, 2021  Engauge Experimental Film Festival, 2021  FINCAR Festival Internacional de Cinema de Realizadoras, 2021  1666 - International 16mm Film Festival,  2022 Festival ECRÃ,  2022 BeiJing Film Awards (award winner) and exhibited at Galeria Mola in Portugal.

eternidade em loop / eternity on a loop (2021)